It’s all in the name. We’re here to make some noise. ‘Kelp Unleashed’ not only represents everything we’re striving for in bringing our products to the world, but in the people behind the products too. Working together to educate and innovate the pet wellbeing industry through the wonders of kelp and its complementary seabased superfoods.

A story of two countries and one sea, our products just like our founders have roots in both Australia and New Zealand — home to some of the purest waters you’ll find. As pet parents ourselves, we're on a mission to help our pets and the planet. Pioneering the new wave of preventative pet wellbeing through innovative products featuring sustainably sourced kelp based ingredients and textiles.

The first of many products in the pipeline, we’re proud to launch YelpKelp® — the culmination of years researching healthy thyroid function, along with the growing trend towards, and the benefits of, feeding our animals human quality natural or raw food diets.


To pioneer the new wave of preventative pet wellbeing.


For YelpKelp® to become the first choice in supplements to support dogs on a natural or raw food diet and potentially contribute significantly to resolving the canine iodine deficiency epidemic across the globe. Along with being recognised for our endless commitment to Kelp and its associated technologies and industries as we develop a range of dog fashion and accessories by introducing cutting-edge and environmentally superior Kelp based plastics and textiles.


We are a team of adventurous minds and passionate souls. We’re driven to provide the most outstanding products for our customers and as a team, uphold and align ourselves with the following values:

Substance over the Superficial. It’s what’s inside that counts and we live to make it count. To leave a legacy of change, one which creates a lasting positive difference in the health and wellbeing of our people, our pets and the planet.
Courageous Leadership. We strive to be better, together. Operating with a shared purpose to constantly improve, grow and guide each other by promoting creativity, leading by example and standing at the helm.
Purity and Play. More than just about creating products, we care to seek out the science knowing our products are pure of source and powerful in performance, allowing us all the freedom to play a little more every day.  
Be Human, Be Kind. Collaboration, kindness, respect, trust and authenticity are essential to our culture. We value diversity and continue to build a culture that celebrates each person’s unique talents, passions and backgrounds.
Be Entrepreneurial. Curiosity, innovation and sustainability at the forefront, we seek to bring our customers the very latest advancements in kelp, seaweed-based ingredients and textiles which do no harm.



We are for the blue economy. As a conscious corporation, our goal is to continue to collaborate with seaweed industries to expand and promote sustainable seaweed farming to benefit not only the planet but our local economies.
Get involved. We additionally encourage you to explore, experiment and endorse as many products using kelp as possible. Get curious in your search for kelp based products, along with following and supporting organisations, startups and the innovators contributing to the growth of the seaweed industry and health of our planet.