Fucoidans are complex polysaccharides that occur naturally in brown seaweeds where they function to protect the plant from water-borne pathogens and other environmental challenges. Each species of brown seaweed contains a unique fucoidan compound with distinct physical and chemical properties. These long chain polysaccharides are highly bioactive with extensive research confirming their benefits in both animal and human health settings.

The efficacy of fucoidan is based on scientific research from over 2290 studies which shows the remarkable ability of fucoidan to enhance the immune system and increase bodily defences to fight disease and viruses making YelpKelp® what we believe to be, one of the best holistic preventative organic pet supplements for your dog.

Additionally, studies have demonstrated fucoidans ability to inhibit the ability of cancer cells to metastasize.

The History of Fucoidan

For centuries, fucoidan-containing seaweeds have been prized for their dietary and therapeutic properties. Their medicinal properties have been particularly well documented in Asian cultures, where seaweeds have been used to address health conditions that range from nausea, congestion and inflammation through to abscesses and tumours.

Despite the long history of seaweeds as medicinal agents, it was not until the twentieth century that fucoidan was first isolated and recognised for its therapeutic potential. Once fucoidan became commercially available, global research into its unique bioactive properties increased significantly.

As a result of the scientific research, fucoidan extracts are now used in a variety of applications including dietary supplements, medical devices, veterinary products and topical formulations for skincare and dermatology.

Are All Fucoidans the Same?

Not all fucoidans are the same and many species of seaweed contain insufficient fucoidan content or alternatively have extremely high iodine content making them dangerous as a daily supplement.  

Research has confirmed that fucoidan bioactivity is dependent upon two key factors:

  • The method of extraction; and
  • The seaweed species from which it has been derived.

These two factors are the ultimate determinants of efficacy. Traditional methods of extraction compromise the integrity and functionality of the resulting fucoidan. In contrast, the fucoidan contained within YelpKelp® uses an extraction process that yields natural extracts of superior quality with enhanced bioactivity.

What is MariVet®?

YelpKelp® sources their certified organic fucoidan ingredient from Marinova who specifically developed and formulated MariVet® for animal health and veterinary applications.

MariVet® combines the benefits of both Fucus vesiculosus and Undaria pinnatifida fucoidans, marine polyphenols and wakame seaweed to provide a bioactive and nutrient-rich dietary supplement.

Fucus vesiculosus fucoidan has been shown to exert potent bioactivities towards gut health, cancer and immune function in animal models, while its polyphenolic content provides an excellent antioxidant capacity to protect against free radical damage. Undaria pinnatifida fucoidan is ideal for animal health applications, having beneficial effects on digestive function, inflammation and immunity.

The inclusion of wakame seaweed delivers the nutritional benefits of a whole food, including soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Together, the bioactive constituents in MariVet® promote better digestion and healing from injuries and higher resistance to infection.

About the Fucoidan Extracts

The high purity fucoidan extracts are unique, certified organic ingredients that have been developed, tested and validated for veterinary applications. They exhibit diverse bioactivities in anti-cancer, anti-viral, immune modulation, gut health, anti-inflammation and anti-aging settings.

MariVet® fucoidan extracts which are derived from wild grown Undaria pinnatifida and Fucus vesiculosus seaweed. The proprietary MariVet® extraction process, developed and used exclusively by Marinova, produces fucoidan extracts that remain unadulterated in chemical structure and free from solvent residues.

Scientific studies have shown that the inclusion of fucoidan in animal feeds has the potential to provide the following benefits:

Immune Health

  • Mobilisation of stem cells
  • Increased antibody production
  • Increased phagocytosis
  • Direct inhibition of viral entry
  • Decreased allergic responses

Anti-Cancer Properties

  • Cell cycle arrest or apoptosis in cancer cells
  • Increased immune clearance of cancer cells
  • Decreased metastasis
  • Inhibition of angiogenesis

Digestive Health

  • Prevention of pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  • Improvement in gut microbial balance
  • Decreased inflammatory processes
  • Modulation of liver enzymes


  • Direct inhibition of receptor binding
  • Prevention of inflammatory cell accumulation
  • Inhibition of inflammatory enzymes COX-1, COX-2 and LOX-15
  • Reduction of allergic and UV induced inflammation

Cardiovascular Health

  • Improved serum lipids
  • Decreased inflammatory processes
  • Improved tissue vascularisation
  • Modulation of irregular coagulation

Healthy Ageing

  • Prevention of neuronal damage
  • Increased SIRT1 expression
  • Decreased inflammatory processes
  • Improved serum lipids
  • Inhibition of matrix degrading enzymes