Founders of YelpKelp

Introducing Nina Howell and Dr. Nicole Coupe, the visionary founders of YelpKelp Pty Ltd, who together have embarked on a journey to revolutionise pet wellbeing through their innovative products. As CEO and CFO respectively, they bring together their expertise, passion, and a shared commitment to fostering a positive impact on pets, people, and the planet.

Nina Howell - CEO and Co-Founder

Nina Howell set out with a mission to redefine pet care through the incredible power of kelp. With an unshakeable love for animals and a profound commitment to the health of our planet, Nina embarked on a remarkable journey rooted in the belief that kelp holds the key to a brighter future for our furry companions and the environment.

Nina's extensive experience in business operations and strategic thinking converged with her deep understanding of the transformative potential of kelp. Recognising the untapped potential of this remarkable seaweed, she set out to revolutionise the pet nutrition industry by harnessing its exceptional benefits.

Nina's unwavering commitment to effecting positive change in pet care extends beyond mere entrepreneurship. She envisions a world where kelp becomes synonymous with healthier pets and a healthier planet. Her determination to provide high-quality, sustainable kelp-based solutions to pet owners has propelled YelpKelp towards its ambitious goal of becoming a household name.

As the driving force behind YelpKelp, Nina Howell is not only redefining pet care but also championing the transformative potential of kelp. Join her on this extraordinary journey, and together, let's nourish pets, promote sustainability, and cultivate a healthier planet through the power of kelp.

Dr. Nicole Coupe - CFO and Co-Founder

Dr. Nicole Coupe stands as the scientific pillar of YelpKelp, contributing an invaluable blend of expertise and passion to the company's vision. Holding a PhD in Epidemiology, a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Master of Science in Biostatistics, her academic background has proven instrumental in fortifying the foundation of YelpKelp's groundbreaking endeavours.

Drawing from her comprehensive knowledge of health and statistical analysis, Dr. Coupe has played a pivotal role in guiding the evolution of YelpKelp's distinct supplement. Acknowledging the pivotal role that nutrients like iodine play in enhancing the overall wellbeing of dogs, she channelled her devotion to holistic animal health into the development of YelpKelp's flagship product.

Beyond her scientific contributions, Dr. Coupe's role as CFO is a testament to her multifaceted skill set. Her strategic acumen and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind YelpKelp's financial growth and viability. As a co-founder, her dual proficiency in both the scientific and financial domains underscores her dedication to realising YelpKelp's potential on multiple fronts, ensuring a harmonious fusion of innovation and business success.

YelpKelp:  A Visionary Approach to Pet Wellbeing

YelpKelp was born out of Nina and Dr. Nicole's shared vision to create meaningful change in the pet industry. Their inaugural product, a meticulously crafted supplement for dogs, is the culmination of years of research and dedication. This supplement addresses common dietary deficiencies, particularly iodine, prevalent in natural or raw food diets for dogs. By harnessing the nutritional power of kelp and other high-grade ingredients, YelpKelp aims to elevate pets' overall health and vitality.

Beyond their groundbreaking supplement, YelpKelp embodies a philosophy of change, innovation, and conscious living. The company's mission is to lead the way in preventative pet wellbeing, with the ultimate goal of reducing the global canine iodine deficiency epidemic. Their commitment extends to the environment as well, as they seek to introduce environmentally superior kelp-based plastics and textiles, further demonstrating their dedication to a sustainable future. 

Core Values and Impact

Nina and Dr. Nicole have embedded core values into YelpKelp's operations. They prioritise making a positive and lasting impact on pets, people, and the environment. Amongst the team, their leadership encourages improvement, creativity, and growth, fostering a culture of progress. The company's dedication to pure ingredients underscores their emphasis on quality, vitality, and longevity. Collaboration, kindness, and authenticity are vital, celebrating individual strengths. Innovation, curiosity, and sustainability drive their solutions. YelpKelp partners with seaweed industries for sustainable farming, aiming to benefit the planet and local economies.


We are a team of adventurous minds and passionate souls. We’re driven to provide the most outstanding products for our customers and as a team, uphold and align ourselves with the following values:

Substance over the Superficial.

It’s what’s inside that counts — and we live to make it count. To leave a legacy of change, one which creates a lasting positive difference in the health and wellbeing of our people, our pets and the planet.

Courageous Leadership.

We strive to be better, together. Operating with a shared purpose to constantly improve, grow and guide each other by promoting creativity, leading by example and standing at the helm.

Purity and Play.

More than just about creating products, we care to seek out the science — knowing our products are pure of source and powerful in performance, allowing us all the freedom to play a little more every day.

Be Human, Be Kind.

Collaboration, kindness, respect, trust and authenticity are essential to our culture. We value diversity and continue to build a culture that celebrates each person’s unique talents, passions and backgrounds.

Be Entrepreneurial.

Curiosity, innovation and sustainability at the forefront, we seek to bring our customers the very latest advancements in kelp, seaweed-based ingredients and textiles which do no harm.

We are for the blue economy.

As a conscious corporation, our goal is to continue to collaborate with seaweed industries to expand and promote sustainable seaweed farming to benefit not only the planet but our local economies.