Product Update - February 2022

Product Update - February 2022

We are delighted to confirm that the development of YelpKelp® is well underway with the finalisation and regulatory acceptance of the formula.

At present, the final stage of packaging suitability is currently underway to determine shelf life, so we anticipate our pre-sales launch to go live to the public in around 4 weeks’ time (OMG, how exciting!). 

It is important to note, we have consciously invested a significant amount of time and money in sourcing the right packaging (causing delays to our original launch date) to ensure the packaging of YelpKelp® supports our mission and ethos; to be kind to the planet.

Speaking of being kind to the planet and to assist in driving our brand forward, we would like to introduce our first company car, aptly and affectionately named 'Jetson'. This vehicle (pictured) is a fully electric Mini Cooper SE. Keep your eye out on the road for us and feel free to give a toot toot or shout out, if you ever see us cruising the streets or at any of the local dog parks in your area.

As promised, all our current subscribers will be receiving 25% off their first order and this discount code will be provided as soon as we finally press the elusive ‘LAUNCH’ button.

If you haven't already subscribed and wish to be included in future updates and receive the discount code of 25% off your first order, please subscribe asap to ensure you do not miss out. Based on the number of pet parents who have already subscribed, we expect the first batch of 10,000 units to sell out very quickly.